POR JUAN RODRIGUEZ Actualizado el 02 de junio de 2019

Los planos de especialidades,arquitectura, estructura, también llamados planos técnicos o planos para construcción, están llenos de abreviaturas y acrónimos para ahorrar espacio y mejorar la apariencia general de la presentación.

Recordar todo este resumen puede ser complicado, especialmente cuando se agrega al desafío de leer todos los símbolos y descifrar las convenciones que podría utilizar un dibujante o diseñador en particular. Afortunadamente, muchas abreviaturas de planos tienen significados ampliamente aceptados y se utilizan en todo tipo de planos, desde los planos de los planos hasta los dibujos de ingeniería.

A/C: Air Conditioner

ACI: American Concrete Institute

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992

A.F.F.: Above Finished Floor

A.F.G.: Above Finished Grade

AIA: American Institute of Architects or American Insurance Association

AIEE: American Institute of Electrical Engineers

AISC: American Institute of Steel Construction

AISI: American and Steel Institute ANSI: American National Standards Insitute

ASCE: American Society of Civil Engineers

ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers A

STM: American Society for Testing and Materials

AWG: American Wire Gauge

B.O.F.: Bottom of Footing

B.O.M: Bill of Material

BOT: Bottom

B.O.W.: Bottom of Wall

BP: Blue Print (or B/P)

Brz.: Bronze

BV: Butterfly Valve

CAD: Cadmium or Computer-Aided Drafting

CBORE: Counterbore

C.C.: Center to Center

C.D.: Construction Document

C.F.M.: Cubic Feet per Minute

CFS: Cubic Feet per Second

C.I.: Cast Iron

CL.: Closet

CL: Center LIne

CLG.: Ceiling

CMU: Concrete Masonry Unit

C.O.: Cleanout

Cont.: Continuous

CRES: Corrosion-Resistant Steel

CSINK: Countersink

CU. FT.: Cubic Feet

CU. YD.: Cubic Yard

D.S.: Downspout

Dia.: Diameter

Dim.: Dimension

DN.: Down

DP: Damp-Proofing, Dew Point, or Distribution Panel

DWG: Drawing

Ea.: Each

ED: Edge Distance

E.F.: Exhaust Fan

EQ: Equal, or Equally

Exc: Excavate

E.W.: Each Way

Ext.: Exterior

FACP: Fire Alarm Control Panel

FAO: Finish All Over

F.C.O.: Floor cleanout

F.D.: Floor Drain

Fin.: Finish

F.F.L.: Finished Floor Level

FL: Floor Level

FRPF: Fireproof

FS: Far Side

FTG: Fitting

Galv.: Galvanized

G.C.: General Contractor

G.F.C.I. or G.F.I.: Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter

GPM: Gallons Per Minute

G.T.: Glazed Tile

Gyp.: Gypsum

H.B.: Hose Bib

HDCP: Handicapped (better if referred to as "Accessible")

HDPE: High-Density Polyethylene

HRS: Hot Rolled Steel HV: High Voltage

H.V.A.C.: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

H.W.: Hot Water

IAW: In Accordance With

ID: Inner Diameter

IE: Invert Elevation

In.: Inch

Insul.: Insulation

ISO: International Organization for Standards

Int.: Interior

Inv.: Invert

J-Box: Junction Box

Jct.: Junction

Jst.: Joist

kW: Kilowatt

LDD: LImited Dimension Drawing

LFT.: Linear Feet

LH: Left Hand

LL: Live Load

LM: List of Materials

Lt.: Light

Ltg.: Lighting

L.V.L.: Laminated Veneer Lumber

MH: Manhole

Mas.: Masonry

MAX: Maxiumum

MBW: Measurement Between Wires

Mtl.: Material

MFG.: Manufacturing

Min.: Minimum

MOW: Measurement Over Wires

NEC: National Electrical Code

N.I.C.: Not In Contract

NOM: Nominal

N.T.S.: Not to scale

OAL: Overall Length

O.C.: On Center

O.D.: Outside Diameter

OPNG.: Opening or Rough Opening

PCC: Portland Cement Concrete

PCS: Pieces

PL.: Plaster

P.L.: Property Line (or Parts List)

Plywd.: Plywood

P.S.F.: Pounds per Square Foot

P.S.I.: Pounds per Square Inch

Ptd.: Painted

PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride

QTY: Quantity

R: Radius

RC: Reinforced Concrete

RD: Roof Drain, Round, or Receptacle Distribution Panel

R.D.L.: Roof Drain Leader

REBAR: Reinforcing Bar

REQD: Required

RH: Right Hande

R.O.: Rough Opening

R.O.W.: Right of Way

Reinf.: Reinforced

San.: Sanitary

SC: Sharp Corners

S.D.: Smoke Detector

Sect.: Section

Sht.: Sheet

Sht'g.: Sheathing

Specs.: Specifications

SQ. FT.: Square Feet

SQ. IN.: Square Inches

SS: Stainless Steel, Setscrew, Soil Stack, Service Sink, or Slop Sink

Std.: Standard

Stl: Steel

S.Y.: Square Yard

T&B: Top and Bottom

T&G: Tongue and Groove

T.O.: Top of

T.O.B.: Top of Beam

T.O.C.: Top of Curb or Top of Concrete

T.O.F.: Top of Footing

T.O.J.: Top of Joist

T.O.M.: Top of Masonry

T.O.W.: Top of Wall

TTC: Telephone Terminal Closet

UON: Unless Otherwise Noted

VA.: Voltage

V.B.: Vapor Barrier

V.I.F.: Verify in Field

W.C.: Water Closet (Toilet)

Wd.: Wood

Wdw.: Window

W.I.: Wrought Iron

W.I.C.: Walk-In Closet

WL: Water Level

W/O: Without

Wp.: Weatherproof

WS: Weatherstripping or Water Stop

Wt.: Weight

Wtr. Htr. : Water Heater